Specialists in designing high quality
HR, HSSE and Communications solutions.


Either from scratch or from your existing  PowerPoint, Excel and Word files we will produce stunning, professionally  designed, interactive documents.

Scroll down to see some examples and the features we can add to enhance your communications.

We take your important documents and presentations and turn them into engaging, navigable and memorable experiences for your employees.

As a full service agency for over 20 years we understand the importance of brand and how to reflect it both consistently and creatively in all we do. Our experience gained in producing external campaigns and communications for large corporates is applied to every internal project we undertake – so that a company looks and feels the same from outside to in.

Cost effective and practical, our solutions really work.

Toolkits and Guides

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Interactive menus aid navigation of long documents.

Adding relevant royalty-free photography   enhances your presentation.

On-screen, contextual  navigation buttons.

Sometimes you need to provide a range of materials and information to a wide audience. Our tool kits can be used to link a huge variety of disparate documentation and useful data in one easy to control and navigate product.

Whether it is creating a single access point for HSSE documentation or distributing generic and regionalised communication materials and artwork for a global HR campaign – a digital tool is an ideal vehicle. By using links to, rather than embedding  in, documentation, video and web information, we ensure that the kits are always current and don’t require constant updating.

Training modules

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Persistent tabs allow the reader to chart their progress.

Pop-up boxes can interactively display  extra information.

We create sophisticated training modules, with and without sound, that can be downloaded and completed anywhere in the world, saving companies fortunes in travel and venue hire. We include techniques to ensure that the trainee can’t skip sections (unless you want them to) and integral questions to test them before they can proceed. Finally, we include a simple method of verification that says they have completed the course.

Roles and Competencies

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Tabbed sections for speedy access to different chapters.

Bespoke design and graphics - or we can follow your corporate guidelines to the letter.

Find your role and its associated competencies and see how you are doing against expectation. Read about what others in your role have achieved and discover the career paths open to you – all in one comprehensive document.


More Features

Complex Excel spreadsheets transformed into easy-to-read tables and charts.

Data linked to the original source files to allow for fast, accurate updates.

Secure data, complex procedures and detailed analysis can all be displayed in easy to read and creative formats that engage the reader and ensure that critical information is communicated effectively and memorably.


More Features

Documents can be presented full screen for an immersive experience or contained in a standard browser window.

Links to external files, enable downloads of regularly updated information.

From Who’s Who booklets to orientation brochures, from site guides to welcome packs we understand how important first impressions are.

Why Orchard?

Our expertise has been developed over long service to major international clients. We have provided through-the-line creative service for over 20 years which includes advertising design and placement, brand development and management, design for print, exhibition designs and build and a host of digital platform work from web sites to on-line business analysis tools.


This broad range of skills has been deliberately honed over the last few years to concentrate on the design and production of highly creative digital interactive solutions for large corporate  internal communications.

If you’d like find out more, please email design@orchardlimited.com

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